Weekend Reading: Summer Fun

Happy Single Day of UK Summer, everyone! Back to normal tomorrow, apparently – but it was fine while it lasted…!

It will come as no surprise to anyone on the OU’s MA in Classical Studies that I don’t have time to write a proper post this week. If I haven’t mentioned it already (!), tomorrow (Sat 1st August) is our online Summer MA Conference. It’s all been a bit short-notice, and it has taken some pulling together (although I did have fun with the graphics!) – but here’s the programme:


Conference Programme (2)


If you’re on the MA (A863 or A864), please do come along to some or all of it; you ought to have received an email invitation by now. It should be fun, with chaos and technical hitches galore!

So that’s been taking up my time this week, which means my links this week are to things I mostly haven’t read myself, and I have no time to tell you about all the weird and wonderful things that have been going on this week. I’ll fill you in on all of it next week, when I have a bit more time (I hope!).

I did manage to find time today for a first visit to Arbeia Roman Fort since lockdown started. Yes, it was different; people were wearing masks inside the museum, the reconstructed buildings were closed, and we had to pre-book tickets. But the weather was beautiful, Regina was still there, and the Fort was still the Fort. So I’ll leave you with some sunshiney pictures, mostly taken by my long-suffering 8-year-old… and I’ll see some of you on Saturday!







This week from around the Classical Internet




Roman church foundations in Colchester – Daily Gazette

New Roman fort in Lancashire – Lancashire Live



Comfort Classics this week

Comfort Classics: Gavin McCormick

Comfort Classics: Michael Loy

Comfort Classics: Lily Mac Mahon

Comfort Classics: Carey Fleiner

Comfort Classics: Owen Rees





Comment and opinion

Roman genocide order in Scotland – The Scotsman

Aristophanes’ Frogs – Armand D’Angour 

On not saying ‘alas!’ –Sententia Antiquae 

The Herodotus Helpline – OU Classical Studies Blog

Callimachus: fictive inscriptions – Blogging Ancient Epigram

The Classics in Soap – The Jugaad Project

On academic networking online – Sphinx

Q and A with Greg Woolf – Digital Maps of the Ancient World

Community in the online classroom – Eidolon

Anti-racism in education – Mixed Up in Classics

On denying racism in Classics – Mixed Up in Classics 

Racism: a call to action – Mixed Up in Classics 

Latin in Hamilton – Latin Language Blog



Podcasts, video and other media

Agrippina the Younger, with Carey Fleiner – The Ancients

JACT Greek Summer School Resources [these are great!] – JACT 

Catch up with the OU FASS Fest – FASS



From Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens

7 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Summer Fun

  1. When I’m at the British Museum the replica of Regina is one of the three things I always go and see (alng with Sophilos Dinos and Portland Vase.


  2. I didn’t receive an email about the MA Classical studies conference in my OU inbox. How do I sign up for it? I registered for A863 a month ago.


    1. Hi Costas

      Forgive me for replying as who gets emails is above my pay grade but, having completed the MA and been through two MA days, if you look at the programme it is geared for those who have completed the first year and are transitioning to the second and those on the second year going through the Dissertation process.


      1. You’re very welcome.

        Best of luck on your MA journey – it’s a fantastic course, hard (but there again it is the second highest qualification in the world) but so satisfying and brings so much more to everyday life.


      2. Thanks for answering, Colin! Yes, Costas, there’ll definitely be some sort of MA Day next year for you to take part in, when you’re in the middle of the process! This year it’s specifically tailored to the people who’ve missed out some elements of their module due to the pandemic; so I suspect that next year the programme will look a bit different!


  3. @Colin.. Thanks for wishing me luck.
    @Cora Beth.. I’ll look forward to next years then. I’m so keen to get started I’m jumping on anything with that OU online group vibe at the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

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