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In here you’ll find the Archives: past articles written for your entertainment by current students, recent graduates and academics. You’ll also find links to blogs and books written by current and former students, and a collection of my YouTube videos. Browse and enjoy – but keep the noise down!

Welcome to my library: part of it, anyway!


Visiting the Mithraeum, by Klara Hegedus

A Dream Placement in Pompeii, by Frances Breen

Encountering Ashurbanipal, by Klara Hegedus

Postgraduate Loans: Spreading the Word, by Cora Beth Knowles

What’s Next? Try Publishing, by Cora Beth Knowles

Entering the Kassman Competition, by Cora Beth Knowles, David Coplowe and Ian Ramskill

A Library in Greece, by Liz Drummond

Booking for the Summer, by Cora Beth Knowles

Footprints in the Forum: The British School at Rome, by Frances Breen

(Congratulations to Frances, whose article was featured in the OU Students Magazine, Spring 2018.)

Undergraduate Awards, by Richard Moon


Study Skills

MA Dissertation Advice, by Jack Lambert

Participation – a Tutor Manifesto, by Cora Beth Knowles

Participatory Inclusivity, by Steven Havelin

Hide, or Fight? Dealing with Disappointment, by Cora Beth Knowles

What is an abstract and how do I write one? by Cora Beth Knowles

The Exam Appreciation Society by Cora Beth Knowles

“What should I write about?” by Cora Beth Knowles

Who’s Afraid of Wikipedia? by Cora Beth Knowles

How to get from B to A, by Cora Beth Knowles

Referencing: Respect the Elephant! by Cora Beth Knowles

On writing an EMA, by Cora Beth Knowles

Time Management! by Caroline Townsend

Studied Resilience – being an adaptable student by Delius Singer

‘My toddler ate my homework’ by Lilah-Grace Canevaro


Classical musings

Classical Pottering, by Cora Beth Knowles

Discovering Ultima Thule, by Cora Beth Knowles

Roman Holiday, by Klara Hegedus

Spinning the Wheel of Fortune, by Cora Beth Knowles

The Wisdom of Playmobil, by Cora Beth Knowles

Hawking’s Prometheus, by Cora Beth Knowles

The Joys of Reception, by Cora Beth Knowles

Snow falls…, by Cora Beth Knowles

Lessons from a Spartan Ostrich, by Cora Beth Knowles

Holding on to Hylas, by Cora Beth Knowles

Weird Classics, by Cora Beth Knowles

The Impossible Library, by Cora Beth Knowles

‘Tis the Season – to Sing in Latin! by Cora Beth Knowles

Ode to the Self-taught Latinist, by Cora Beth Knowles

OU Classics: a Voyage of Surprises, by Sarah Burke

‘Abattre les Cloisons’ (Break down the compartments), by Damian Rudge

Nero- Arsonist and Fiddler? by David Coplowe

Roman Attitudes to Jews and Christians in the 1st Century AD, by David Coplowe

The relevance of The Classics in the modern day, by Damian Rudge

I blog therefore I am? by Cora Beth Knowles

Tacitus Who? by Cora Beth Knowles

Classics was my Chrysalis, by Steve Havelin


Talking about books

Women of Substance in Homeric Epic, by Lilah Grace Canevaro

Review: Forward with Classics, by Steven Havelin


Student life

Baby Brain to PhD, by Rhian Williams

MA? PhD? When the writing gets tough…, by Steven Havelin

A Day Out in Milton Keynes, by Pauline Robinson

A Degree for Free: Can it be Done? by Cora Beth Knowles

A Classic in More Ways than One, by Cora Beth Knowles

Black Friday Anti-Shopping, by Cora Beth Knowles

Carrying a Heavy Load: a disabled student’s story, by Gracchus

Should I do a PhD? or… Name? Occupation? Specialist subject? by Cora Beth Knowles

 Becoming a Study Addict, by Cora Beth Knowles

The Mature Student… a title at war with itself, by Denise Fraser 

Exams and the Mature Student, by Denise Fraser


My stained glass window. Because all the coolest libraries have a stained glass window.

Weekend Reading

Here you’ll find the archive of past ‘weekend reading’ posts, with the latest at the top. Browse and enjoy, with the caveat that some of the old links may eventually cease to exist.

Raining, Cats and Hogs, 9/8/19

On Leisure and Libraries, 2/8/19

The Prime Minister’s Cheese-Box, 26/7/19

Myth and Mermaids, 19/7/19

Dolce et Decorum Est, 12/7/19

A Website Anniversary, 5/7/19

The Man in Black, 28/6/19

Raising a Smile, 21/6/19

The Rain it Raineth, 14/6/19

Resurrecting Mrs Trimmer, 7/6/19

Summer is Coming, 31/5/19

Climbing the Walls, 24/5/19

Fun with Voynich, 17/5/19

Classics and Sci-Fi, 10/5/19

Awards and Events, 3/5/19

Happy Birthday to OU! 26/4/19

Bunny Bones, 19/4/19

Myth and Whisky, 12/4/19

Latin for non-Romans, 5/4/19

Living in a Material World, 29/3/19

Chocolate and Archaeology, 22/3/19

The Pain of Retraining, 15/3/19

Women and Books, 8/3/19

Pondering Myth, 1/3/19

Lego and Authority, 22/2/19

The Barateid, 15/2/19

School Reports, 8/2/19

A Four-Tunic Day, 1/2/19

Too Much Indiana Jones? 25/1/19

Apologies to Homer, 18/1/19

Conference and Controversy, 11/1/19

Taking a Break, 21/12/18

Romans on Stage, 14/12/18

A Classicist Christmas List, 7/12/18

Classicists in the Library, 30/11/18

Hidden Empresses, 23/11/18

Secret Identities, 16/11/18

A Round of Applause, 9/11/18

Shipwrecks, Scrolls and Skeletons, 26/10/18

Volcanic Eruptions, 19/10/18

Classical Lego, 12/10/18

Dissertation Thoughts, 6/10/18

Learning from SATs, 28/9/18

Welcome, new Classicists! 21/9/18

Judging the Undergraduate Awards, 14/9/18

Visiting Regina, 7/9/18

Being Alternative, 31/8/18

One Step Forward…? 24/8/18

Advancing Diversity, 17/8/18

Irrational Fear of Mangled Greek, 10/8/18

Holiday Classicism, 3/8/18

The Dog Days of Summer, 27/7/18

What’s in a Name? 20/7/18

No Escape from Football! 13/7/18

Binge-watching Cicero, 6/7/18

Dramatic Exits, 29/6/18

And so it begins… 22/6/18

More of my library, including several swords, a LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall, and a cat’s bottom sticking out from under the footstool.



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