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This resource was initially set up by teacher and OU MA student David Hogg, on his website ‘Ars Longa’ (you can read more about David here). When that website closed down, the reception material developed by David and his contributors moved here.

In this corner of Classical Studies Support you’ll find brief reviews of books, music, drama and other elements of modern culture, with a focus on how they interact with the classical world. Sometimes this may be through overt references to Classics – perhaps in the use of characters from mythology. At other times the interaction can be much more subtle – in a similarity of plot elements, for instance.

Do browse and enjoy, using the categories below. You may find something which sparks off a dissertation idea – or you might just find some movie recommendations!

However, this resource is not intended to be static – and that’s where I’d like to ask for your help! If you’ve watched a movie or read a book lately which has struck you with its classical connections, please do write a paragraph or two about it, and send your review to me using the ‘Contact’ link. I’ll add it to the appropriate page, with your name attached.



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