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Here you’ll find material and links that might help you in your MA studies. Feel free to browse if you’re considering whether or not to do a postgraduate degree: maybe something here will help you to decide!


What does the study of A863 involve?

Listen to my 15-minute introductory podcast to find out!

Need a news story for A863 TMA 01? Check out the archived Weekend Reading posts- each one has links to the main classical news stories of the week.


Starting A864 and worried about the Dissertation?

Hopefully this recording will make you feel a bit more confident!


Useful Resources from Classical Studies Support

Critically analysing a secondary source: relevant to the Classical Archaeology Block.

Critical Appreciations: a step-by-step guide for those new to critical appreciation.

Joining an academic library, in five easy steps: the Sconul scheme.

Translation Issues arma virumque cano: relevant to the Language Block.

Notes from an EMA marker: some essential advice when preparing your A863 EMA.

A Day Out in Milton Keynes: a review of the MA Day by Pauline Robinson.

Should you go to Summer School?: worth considering in between your MA modules.

MA Dissertation Advice: tips from former A864 student Jack Lambert.

A863-4 Summer Toolkit: advice for those in between the two MA modules.



A useful graphic to represent how we all feel at some point in postgraduate study! From


Short Articles

Baby Brain to PhD, by Rhian Williams

What is an abstract and how do I write one?

MA? PhD? When the writing gets tough…, by Steven Havelin

Hide, or Fight? Dealing with Disappointment

What’s Next? Try Publishing

A Degree for Free: Can it be Done?

Postgraduate Loans: Spreading the Word

Should I do a PhD? or… Name? Occupation? Specialist subject?




Postgraduate Stories

Classics was my Chrysalis, by Steve Havelin

David Coplowe: Academic Biography


Reception Resources

The Joys of Reception

Lessons from a Spartan Ostrich

Reception definitions and reading list


Tutorial slides from the undergraduate Myth course

You may find these useful if you choose to study Classical Receptions as part of your first module:

A330 Tutorial 1 : a set of resources for the study of the Icarus myth, focusing on nineteenth and twentieth century receptions.

A330 Tutorial 2: a set of resources for studying the myth of Philemon and Baucis, with a focus on Ovid.

Superhero Origins: a set of resources for looking at the development of the fictional hero in Augustan Rome.

Echo and Narcissus: a set of resources on Ovid’s role in the development of the myth and its later reception.

…and a Reception tutorial from the Roman History course:

Nineteenth Century Reception


External Links

The OU’s own Reception Journal: New Voices in Classical Reception Studies

An interesting interview on translating, with Sarah Ruden and Emily Wilson.

A useful article on reception of Euripides’ Trojan Women, from Eidolon.

…and another article on Trojan Women from Eidolon.

A new ‘Trojan Women’ – …and NJ Arts 

Theatre of War – The New Yorker 

The healing power of tragedy – The Smithsonian Magazine 


Useful Podcasts and Videos

For A863:


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