The Roman History Page

Here are some documents, resources and ideas to help you in your study of A340, with a particular focus on preparing for the exam. Take a look around, let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see – and keep checking back, because I’ll be adding material throughout the year.


Resources for studying A340

Reinventing the Wheel: how to approach a critical analysis of a primary source.

Critically analysing a secondary source: some suggestions of things to look for.

Joining an academic library, in five easy steps: straightforward instructions for following the SCONUL process.

Suggestions from Steve: some unorthodox thoughts on approaching the course if you’re short on time.



Tutorial materials

Faces of Rome: a lesson on the importance of considering context when analysing a primary source (in the form of a downloadable pdf).

Never trust a historian: a lesson on the lengths Roman historians would go to in order to compose a good story (in the form of a downloadable pdf).

Structures of Empire- Insulae: a lesson on what “tower block living” can tell us about the Roman world (in the form of a downloadable pdf).

Nineteenth Century Reception: a case study of Victorian reception of Rome in St. Nicholas’ Cathedral, Newcastle (in the form of a downloadable pdf).

Roman Religion, by David Coplowe: with thanks to David, our 2018 guest speaker.


Tutor Manifesto

If you choose to come to my tutorials:

  • you will not be made to speak in front of the whole group
  • you will not be forced to work collaboratively with others
  • you will not be rushed, questioned or put on the spot
  • you will not be shamed for non-participation.



Preparing for the Exam

Block 1 Revision Page

Block 2 Revision Page

Block 3 Revision Page

Block 4 Revision Page

Entire module revision


Achieved a Pass 1 for an essay?

See if you’re eligible to submit it to The Undergraduate Awards.



Random Roman Stuff

Roman History Quiz: can you identify these scenes from early Roman history?



playmobil long
A Playmobil Roman, from the Romans and Egyptians range.