Block 3 Revision Page

With thanks to students from past years, here are some ideas for possible Block 3-related questions. Try coming up with a few of your own!

I recommend practising these questions by making bullet-point lists of the evidence you would use to answer each one. If, after you’ve done a few, you find that some examples are relevant to almost every question, then you’ll know that those are the examples you ought to learn for the exam!


‘The army was the most important mechanism through which Rome ruled the empire.’ Discuss.

What were the main challenges of running a province?

To what extent did the local administration of the empire change as a result of roman rule?

How important was communication between the provinces and Rome for effective rule?

‘How important was the role of the auxiliary soldier in spreading Roman culture?

What was the role of imperial expansion in the development of the Roman army?

‘The Roman army maintained the empire without the use of force.’ To what extent do you agree with this statement?

To what extent was Rome ‘an empire of cities’?

What was the role of the Roman governor in the maintenance of empire?

‘Connectivity was the most crucial factor in the running of the empire.’ Discuss with examples drawn from Block 3.

How significant to an emperor was the army’s loyalty?