Block 1 Revision Page

Think about the sort of questions you might be given in relation to Block 1; and bear in mind that this is likely to explore different areas to those covered in the TMAs. Here are some suggestions (with thanks to students from previous years!). I’ll keep adding to them as I think of more…

I recommend practising these questions by making bullet-point lists of the evidence you would use to answer each one. If, after you’ve done a few, you find that some examples are relevant to almost every question, then you’ll know that those are the examples you ought to learn for the exam!


To what extent was the Roman Army Roman?

‘In studying Hadrian’s Wall, new perspectives are as important as new evidence.’ How far do you agree?

Was the value of Hadrian’s Wall strategic, symbolic or a job creation scheme for idle soldiers?

In what ways does history meet myth at Hadrian’s Wall?

The Roman army was just a ‘fighting machine’. Discuss.

Life in the forts at Hadrian’s Wall represented urban life in non-border regions of the empire. Discuss.

What does evidence from Hadrian’s Wall tell us about women in the Roman Empire?

‘Literary evidence has nothing to tell us about the Romans in Northern Britain’. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

‘The frontiers exemplify Roman acceptance of cultural difference’. Discuss with reference to Hadrian’s Wall.

What evidence is there for a multi-cultural population in Northern Britain?

‘Hadrian’s Wall was all about money.’ Do you agree?

‘Tacitus is the most important single source for the study of the Romans in Britain.’ Discuss with reference to Tacitus and at least three other sources.

‘Modern excavations do not just consist of digging holes.’ How does the archaeological work carried out in the North of England demonstrate this?