Block 2 Revision Page

With thanks to students from past years, here are some ideas for possible Block 4-related questions. Try coming up with a few of your own!

I recommend practising these questions by making bullet-point lists of the evidence you would use to answer each one. If, after you’ve done a few, you find that some examples are relevant to almost every question, then you’ll know that those are the examples you ought to learn for the exam!


‘Citizenship was what defined a Roman.’ To what extent do you agree with this statement?

How consistent was the Pantheon with Hadrian’s other building projects?

How was the influx of non-Romans received within Rome itself?

How did the immigrant population contribute to Rome’s success?

In what ways did imperial building projects generate controversy? Answer with reference to at least two emperors.

How much can epigraphy tell us about the lives of ordinary people in Rome?

‘All roads lead to Rome.’ What was the significance of roads and road-building to the inhabitants of Rome?

What does material evidence tell us about life in Rome that literary evidence does not tell us?