Block 4 Revision Page

With thanks to students from past years, here are some ideas for possible Block 4-related questions. Try coming up with a few of your own! For each one, write a bullet-point list of the examples you might use to answer it.


What was the significance of dress in the Roman empire?

‘There was no such thing as a typical Roman city.’ How far do you agree?

What were the key features of Roman religious practice?

‘Baths and theatres brought civilisation to the provinces.’ To what extent do you agree?

‘Romanisation is not a useful term.’ Discuss.

Did cultural diversity undermine the stability of the empire?

‘Roman elite writers do not give us a clear picture of the spread of Roman culture.’ Do you agree with this statement?

‘The provinces influenced Rome as much as Rome influenced the provinces.’ To what extent do you agree?

How did cultural trends change from region to region?

What was the role of the imperial cult in the provinces?

‘The Romans were a civilising force.’ Discuss.

What does the evidence from Pompeii tell us about urban culture?