The Myth Page

Here are some documents, ideas and links that may help you at different stages of the Myth module, as well as a selection of books to borrow or buy. Keep checking for updated material!


Starting the course

A quick run-through of the whole module, to give you an idea of how it all fits together. [Apologies for the croakiness: I had a cold!]


Tips from former A330 students

Joining an academic library, in five easy steps: the SCONUL scheme explained.


Introduction: Icarus

A330 Tutorial 1 : a set of tutorial resources for the study of the Icarus myth, focusing on nineteenth and twentieth century receptions.

Icarus and Whisky

Icarus and Politics



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Fabulous Icarus art from past A330 students!




Useful Links


If you like podcasts, check out the series Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!, which covers all sorts of useful myth material. You could also take a look at the great podcast series Literature and History, which has really long episodes covering Hesiod, Homer, Greek theatre, Ovid, and various other writers relevant to the module.




Useful Books






Below are some resources which might help you. Each Block of the module has a separate page.


Block 1

In Block 1 you’ll be reading Euripides’ Hippolytus, and thinking about how the myth changed (or didn’t change) over time. Click here for some links, books, videos and materials that might help you:

A330 Block 1: Hippolytus and Phaedra resources.

And if you need some help in analysing a passage of text, here’s my Analysis Pie to show you what you should include and where your material should come from:


Analysis Pie


Block 2

Block 2 takes us into Roman history, from Augustus to Nero, and ranging from the palaces of the emperors to the houses of Pompeii. Here are some resources which might be useful:

A330 Block 2


Block 3

In Block 3 we’ll be focusing on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, which gives you a chance to read a lot of great stories! This Block also introduces some ideas about Reception – and that opens up a whole new area of Classics! Follow this link for some extras, and a round-up of useful places to find out more about Reception.

A330 Block 3


Block 4

Block 4 brings us to the development of philosophy and natural science in Ancient Greece. Here are some book recommendations and links that might help.

A330 Block 4




Since the module doesn’t have a formal conclusion, I’ve produced this little book [in the form of a downloadable pdf] to tie up loose ends. Feel free to download it and share it. You might find it helpful when you reach the end of Block 4!

A330 Conclusion




Preparing for the EMA


Video directed by my little boy!


On writing an EMA

“What should I write about?”

How to get from B to A


And finally…

Achieved a Pass 1 in an essay? Take a look at this video about the Undergraduate Awards:




The Playmobil Zeus, who comes with altar, eagle and (of course) thunderbolts.