A330 Block 3



Art Appreciation: a suggested method for analysing a painting, if you haven’t done it before.

Critical Appreciations: a similar method for analysing a literary text.




Women in Ovid’s Metamorphoses: a reading list for those researching female figures in the Metamorphoses.

Echo and Narcissus: a set of tutorial resources on Ovid’s role in the development of the myth and its later reception.

Ovid masterchef: a collection of Ovidian interpretations.

A330 Tutorial 2: a set of resources on Philemon and Baucis.




The Joys of Reception

Reception definitions and reading list

Nineteenth Century Reception: an introduction to my own Newcastle-based Reception interests.

The Gods According To Stephen Fry



External links

New Voices in Classical Reception Journal [link to the OU’s own Reception journal, full of interesting ideas]




[for those who want to take the Buffy material further!]

[a classic work on Reception]