A330 Block 4

Myth and Reason tutorial: a set of tutorial materials on the relationship between mythos and logos.

https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/plato-myths/ [link to a discussion of the different ways Plato uses myth, with a useful bibliography]

http://www.academia.edu/10450689/_Mythos_and_Logos_in_Plato_ [link: more Plato! Some of this covers the same ground as Block 4: but you could find it useful for the TMA.]

[a study of philosophy in poetry and drama]

[Some relevant material, eg. “It’s important, then, to identify the ‘from myth to logic’ approach as a myth about myth. It’s a myth that was first forged by Plato and it’s been staggeringly successful” (Chapter 4).]

[A really useful supplement to the module, because it looks at the development of views on myth and reason, with a particular focus on nineteenth century anthropology.]