A330 Block 2


Useful material

Roman History Tutorial: a quick run-through of the shape of Roman history, from the founding of the city to Nero.

Superhero Origins: a set of tutorial resources for looking at the development of the fictional hero in Augustan Rome.



Videos and podcasts

Here are some videos and radio programmes you might enjoy, to put the Block work into context!



How much was Virgil’s poem influenced by the extraordinary times in which it was written? How does it transcend the political pressures of Imperial patronage and what are the qualities that make it such a universal work? With Edith Hall, Philip Hardie and Catharine Edwards.



Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the Augustan Age in Rome. Guests include Catharine Edwards, Mary Beard and Duncan Kennedy.



“We have been able to produce new reconstructions based on excavation data which have allowed us to compile a “tale of the landscape” by correlating changes attested by material remains to other information. The main controversies about early Rome, including the origin of the city itself can now be considered in the light of new evidence.”


Mary Beard on Pompeii





Book recommendations


[the classic work on Augustus’ use of images]

[this is a handy book to have!]

[very basic, but a nice little book on Roman rather than Greek myth]