Advice from Steven


A276 Weekly Advice

This page links to a series of suggestions from OU graduate, PhD student and Latin teacher Steven Havelin. Work through these tips in order, to pick up skills which will help you to learn the course vocabulary and (from January onwards) deal with the grammar, with exam preparation tips from April.


Tips for October learning

Tip 1: Introduction

Tip 2: One-part Words

Tip 3: Two-Part Words


Tips for November learning

Tip 4: Three, Four and More-part Words!

Tip 5: Weird Words!


Tips for December learning

Tip 6: More on Memory Triggers

Tip 7: Language Links

Tip 8: Dictionary Links


Tips for January: moving on to grammar

A brief word

Tip 1: First things first – nouns and adjectives

Tip 2: The Memory Challenge

Tip 3: Pattern Spotting Endings


Tips for February

Tip 4: an End-chanting Approach!

Tip 5: Adjectives, Numbers, Participles, Demonstratives and Pronouns

Tip 6: The Big Decline!

Tip 7: Questioning Verbs


Tips for March

Tip 8: Perfect Nuisance!

Tip 9: Colouring-in fest!

Tip 10: Irritating Irregularities!

Easter Holiday Revision


Tips for April

Tip 1: EXAMS – Being Prepared

Tip 2: Decisions, Decisions

Tip 3: Laying out your Stall


Tips for May

Tip 4: Tackling Translations

Tip 5: Tackling Translations 2

Tip 6: Time is Ticking!

Tip 7: Nearly there!


Tips for June

Tip 8: Finally!

Read Steven’s classical biography here.