Weekend Reading: Saturnalia Fun

I hope you enjoyed last week’s Christmas Gift Guide! It was a lot of fun to put together. I think I did more window-shopping in a week than I did over the whole of the year!

This week I have more seasonal fun to offer – at least, if you happen to be in the North of England! On Sat 10th December the Hadrian’s Wall Classical Association is holding our first family fun day to celebrate Saturnalia. If you’re free that day, do drop in – it’s being held at Alington House, which is just round the corner from Durham Cathedral. Bring the family along – there’ll be lots for kids to do. But you don’t have to be accompanied by small ones – you can just drop in for a free coffee and a chat with other Classics enthusiasts! I’ll be there, probably wearing tinsel on my head and doing something arty, and will be delighted to see some friendly faces.

Here’s the full poster (designed by me, because I can never pass up a chance to put a party hat on Cicero), for your information – and if you’re able to share it with others, please do:

It’s exciting for me to see this happening. Those of you who’ve known me for ages will be aware that I’ve been saying for a long time that what we need in the North (among other things!) are more chances for Classics enthusiasts to get together on a casual, informal basis. This is the start. If it works out, we’ll take our show on the road, running events and workshops around the North of England. So please save the date, spread the word, and come along if you can!

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