Weekend Reading: A Classical Advent

I’d love to say that I’ve made you all an advent calendar – but I’m afraid my powers of invention have failed me this time. The start of December is always stunningly hectic for me, with all the marking coming in at once – as anyone who’s sent me an email recently will know! – and anyway, ClassicsTober nearly finished me off! But I can point you towards some wonderful people to watch this month.

(Many of these are Twitter links. You can look at them even if you aren’t on Twitter – and no doubt you can find similar things on social media elsewhere!)

First, do check in with @DocCrom every day… he’s posting lovely stuff as a #ClassicsAdventCalendar.

Then there’s the brilliant Natalie Haynes, who this year is brightening up our timelines with a month of #AncientAnimalAdvent.

You could also catch up with Helen Forte, who is running a Minimus #LatinAdventCalendar: and even better, you can print out and make your own Minimus advent calendar with a free download!

The Working Classicists are doing a giveaway, with the hashtag #SolidaritySaturnalia, with lots of goodies I wouldn’t mind winning myself…

The University of Oxford Centre for Teaching and Learning is also running an ‘Advent Calendar’, with daily tips for productivity, which you can find on their website. And the Ashmolean Museum has a very pretty calendar on their website.

Finally, the fabulous Greek Myth Comix advent calendar which was a huge hit last year is still available to purchase as a download which you can make up yourself.

Personally, this year I have a chocolate Peppa Pig Advent Calendar which my parents brought over for me; growing up is not something that happens in my house!

Happy December, everybody – I hope your month turns out to be calm, trouble-free and full of twinkly lights, snuggly blankets and hot drinks!

This week from around the Ancient Internet


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Comment and opinion

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The Greek origin of zodiac signs – Greek Reporter

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Podcasts, video and other media

Atlantis – Dan Snow’s History Hit

Best Greek myth retellings – Moan Inc.

Singing in Latin on Vatican Radio – Polymathy

Moot Trial of Alexander the Great – Classics For All

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