The Classical Christmas Gift Guide…

… Coming to you from the Long Year of 2020.

Every year I do a Gift Guide, for classicists to leave casually open on their computer, or to accidentally-on-purpose send to someone… (here’s my Gift Guide from 2019, and some gift suggestions from back in 2018). This year I’m going small, with a focus on small businesses, craftspeople, museums and individual artists – so no Amazon links here (and also no Playmobil, Lego or other big companies, brilliant though they are)! I’ve left out books too – maybe next week for those!

In buying from these people you’re helping them to stay afloat, finance their studies or donate to charities and projects. So think of this as a Good Deed, to put a smile on somebody’s face at the end of this very long year. Keep telling yourself that. Then you’ll feel less guilty about spending money on lovely classical stuff…!

Great Gifts From Interesting Shops

In this list, for each shop I’ve included a picture and a link to one particular product: but you really need to check out the rest of the shop too! Honestly, this list does not fairly represent the HOURS I’ve spent drooling over products in these stores (which is one reason why I haven’t posted much on the website this week!).

Saturnalia cards – Greek Myth Comix (some lovely things in this shop!)

Roman dolphin oil lamp – Potted History (there are so many amazing things to choose from in this shop that I struggled to pick one!)

Baby bronze lookout owl – It’s All Greek

Greek Youth Necklace – Kate Rowland (I have her column necklace – it’s gorgeous!)

Medusa Art Print – Etsy

Egyptian Book of the Dead Bracelet – Etsy (I have the Carpe Diem one – because it’s not a cliche if you love Horace…)

Panoply Vase mugs – Zazzle

Amphitheatre serving bowl – Present Indicative

Cuddly Minotaur – Etsy

Curse tablet rolling pin – Tavola Mediterranea

Roman soldier tree decoration – Christmas Company

Caecilius Eraser (and check out the amazing Cambridge Latin Saturnalia collection!) – Zazzle

Medusa fabric by Amy Coker – Spoonflower

Classicist Stores on Redbubble

Here are links to some stores run by classicist-artists. When you buy an item from a Redbubble store, a small amount of the purchase price goes directly to the artist or to their Classics organisation.

New Classicists: raising money to help postgraduates in Classics.

Sportula Europe: giving microgrants to classicists in need (now collaborating with artists – and me! – to sell designs).

Maria Haley: who does THE best Ancient World travel posters (I really want the mugs!).

Flaroh (aka Flora Kirk): who has the most beautiful and colourful designs (I’ve spent far too much money in this shop!).

Neo-Classicist by Hardeep Dhindsa: doing a brilliant job of making Classics less white with the best classical stickers around.

Artistfuly: for a must-have set of Roman Poet portraits!

Pete Welsby: with some really beautiful photos.

Nongingercat: for all your Minimus Latin goodies.

Greek Myth Comix: a great selection of fun myth-related designs from Laura Jenkinson-Brown.

ArchaeoArtist: some beautiful things here from postgraduate student Zofia!

Finally, my shop! Remember, any dragons bought from my shop in November raise money for Sportula Europe. I’ll be adding more designs over the coming days – including some special Christmas ones that I’ve been working on!

Museum Shops

Again, just a sample of products – and just a few museums too, because this could go on forever! Do check out your local museum shop – they really do need the support right now.

Hadrian’s Wall mug – Arbeia Roman Fort

Roman Shield Umbrella – Vindolanda (I can vouch that this is a Very Good Umbrella)

Anubis soft toy – The British Museum

This list could go on and on… and perhaps it will! I’m sure I’ve missed out lots of great people and shops: so if you know of anything or anyone I should add to this list, do leave a comment below and I’ll include them! I’ll probably keep adding stuff myself too. I have two classicists in my family to buy for, and classicist friends too, so this is as much a shopping list for me as a gift guide for everybody else!

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  1. I think I’m just going to buy myself loads of ‘classical Christmas Gifts’… 2020 has been one tough year! for everyone… 🙂 2021 will be great though!

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