Classical Christmas Gifts 2019

Go on… treat yourself! You deserve it, for all the Important Thinking you’ve done this year.



  1. Latin Classroom Stamps

really want some of these (particularly ‘flocci non facio’ which is one of the best Latin expressions); but frustratingly most of my marking is online these days!




2. Hadrian’s Wall snack tray

The next best thing to eating your snacks on Hadrian’s Wall.




3. Owl earrings

See – some of my suggestions are classy!




4. Library fabric

When you’ve lined every wall in your house with books, you can start making curtains to match.





5. Carpe Diem T-shirt

For when you’re feeling both intellectual and casually cool.




6. A Santaur for your tree

Disturbingly muscled and distinctly creepy. Why wouldn’t you want one?




7. Saturnalia cards

For when Christmas just doesn’t feel classical enough.




8. Pygmalion metal plaque

Bring a bit of Ovidian grandeur to your wall.




9. Horace notebook

For those of us who spend a lot of time trying to explain our love of Horace.




10. Mythological pencils

Tempted to buy these for all my Myth students…




11.  Greek Philosophers

Want some slightly sinister disembodied philosopher heads for Christmas? Here you go.




12. Medusa Lip Balm

For particularly wrathful days. The Christmas holidays are usually full of those.




13. Centaur cookie cutter

Who wants Christmas-tree shaped biscuits when you can have mythical monsters?




14. Haynes Roman Soldier Manual

They really will make a manual for anything. But this one might be more useful to me than a car manual.




15. Sculpture mural

Fancy redecorating? I’m sure your family will appreciate this tasteful and restrained mural.




16. Roman Latrunculi

Comes with a bonus Viking game too, for when the Romans start to bore you.




17. Roman snowglobe

What could be nicer than a Roman soldier charging towards you through the snow?





18. Ionic T-shirt

This amused me a bit too much.




19. Livia Perfume Oil

I can’t improve on this description:

A throne room, fragrant with the scent of blood-red roses strewn on the marble floors and the aroma of musk and spices. A dark, spicy blend of roses with hints of musk and amber. This scent is inspired by Livia Drusilla, the first Empress of Rome and wife of Augustus. She was said to have used poison to clear the way for her son to ascend the throne. Naughty woman! She would have made an excellent vampire.




20. Knitted Amphorae

The Christmas gift I never knew I needed.




Want more? Check out my Christmas Style Guide for the Snazzy Classicist; and there’s also the Eidolon 2019 Gift Guide.

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