Weekend Reading: Out of the Fog

It’s been a busy week. At least I think it has. To be honest, I can’t remember most of it because I’ve had an awful cold all week: the sort of cold that makes you resentful that it doesn’t have a more dramatic name because ‘cold’ doesn’t adequately express the misery. So I do apologise if you needed me to do something and I haven’t done it: at this point I probably won’t even remember that you asked! The fog is gradually starting to clear though, so hopefully next week I’ll be less zombie-like.

I’m pretty certain I’ve been keeping up with the #ClassicsTober challenge, because there are drawings all over my desk. Whether I’ll find the stamina to keep going for another 17 days is anybody’s guess. Wish me luck!

Many drawings, and we’re still not even half way through the month!

I’ll keep this post brief because my brain is struggling with words that have more than one syllable: but there was one thing I wanted to mention. Next week, on Saturday afternoon, I’ll be giving a guest lecture on Zoom for Dr Gina May, who runs a whole series of wonderful courses and events. I’m excited because for once I get to talk about whatever I want to talk about! In this instance I’m going to be talking about ‘Creative Classics’, which means I can introduce people to all my favourite fun stuff. If you’d like to attend, you can book on Gina’s website. The lecture will be suitable for anyone with an interest in Classics, at whatever level, and hopefully a good time will be had by all!

This week from around the Classical Internet


‘Win-win solution’ to the Marbles issue – Euronews

Roman mosaic found in Syria – BBC

‘Rarest ever’ mosaic – The Daily Mail

From The Daily Mail: a fascinating summary of the ‘facts’ with a bizarrely specific date…!

Comment and opinion

Homer and the war in Ukraine – The Article

#ClassicsTober: Luna – Greek Myth Comix

Divine Impossibilities: The Winners – Antigone

Learning at Leighton House – A Don’s Life

Roman gold – The Times

From Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens

Podcasts, video and other stuff

Liv reads Ovid – Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!

The Cossus Controversy – The Partial Historians

Sextus Pompey – Emperors of Rome

Medusa and her Sisters (upcoming Zoom talk) –Institute of English Studies

The Cambridge Greek Play 2022 – Cambridge Arts Theatre

Classics in Class Survey opens – CUCD EDI (do complete this if you have a few minutes!)

From Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens

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