Weekend Reading: Playing Romans

Today I’d like to acquaint you with some Big News. Now, make sure you’re sitting down for this, because it’s dramatic.

At the end of my street, as I type this now, workers are building… a Roman playground.

Yes, this is absolutely true – it’s not just something I dreamed. Here is the current view from my window:


Apologies for the gloom! On a nice day you can see the sea behind the park.



And here are the plans:

park plans2


park plans



Now, I will concede the possibility that this is not being built specifically for me. However, the fact that it is actually visible from my window and is being built at a time when I have a child around to give me an excuse to use it… well, I think you’ll agree that there’s something Mysterious about that. The Fates may be taking a hand in my entertainment.

(My son, being much the more grown-up of the two of us, is appalled by the whole prospect. He’s anticipating me standing at the prow of the ship declaiming Caesar. He knows me far too well.)

So over the next several weeks I will keep you posted on the building progress. There will be photos. Don’t worry – the builders are used to me lurking now.


In other areas it’s been a week of unexpected projects. I was supposed to be taking a week off work (I haven’t even had a day off since the pandemic started!) – but it’s amazing how things pop up to fill the gap, all of which need to be done immediately. So I’ve been writing a thing for the all-staff newsletter, recording myself looking positive and encouraging (!) for a video which promises to be… interesting (I’ll let you know when it comes out), putting together reading lists, approving timetables and mapping out a Big Project which may or may not come to anything. And at the same time I’m still trying to decorate my house. So the week off has rather disappeared. But my birthday’s coming up in a week and a half, so I will definitely take at least the day off then, to watch telly and eat cake.



Finally, a huge thank-you to everyone who commented, emailed, tweeted or phoned in response to last week’s post. You’re all very kind! I didn’t expect any response at all – and instead I spent the whole weekend reading through lovely supportive messages. You really are the best readers a girl could have.





This week’s links from around the Classical Internet




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Comment and opinion

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Podcasts, video and other media

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Playing Romans

  1. “On a nice day you can see the sea behind the park”…if you ever tire of Classics, Cora Beth, a career as an estate agent beckons!


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