Summer School 2018

In response to requests, I’m considering running a six-week Summer School in July and August of 2018, as a follow-on for those who have completed a Level 2 or Level 3 Classics module. It would be primarily online, but with enough local participants we could organise a weekly face-to-face get-together in addition.

The idea would be to run a Summer School every year, using a different text each year. For instance, we could look in detail at Tacitus’ Agricola in 2018, then look at Horace Odes Book 1 in 2019. I’d be happy to take requests! This would be an opportunity for you to study a single text in real depth, putting your studies into practice, and it would be an excellent preparation for further/postgraduate study.

There would be a group studying the text in Latin, as well as a group studying the text in translation. There would also be an option for individual phone and email support, for those who don’t like to participate in online tutorials.

The Summer School would not be accredited (no certificate or degree credits), and would not be affiliated to any university. It would also cost: at the moment I think the cost per person for six weeks would be around £200, but that has yet to be confirmed. There might be a short list of books to buy, but most of the materials would be freely available online.

There would be twice-weekly online tutorials, with myself and the rest of the group, as well as (perhaps) a weekly face-to-face group session and personal support from me by phone and email. You would work through our chosen text, with help from me, discussing problems and questions, looking at commentaries and the big debates, and reading secondary sources. You would be expected to keep up with the study schedule, do the weekly readings and contribute to discussions.

If you think you might be interested in taking part in a Summer School (a casual expression of interest is fine: I’m looking for approximate numbers, not firm commitments!), email me at my OU address or through the ‘contact’ form on this website. You could also include suggestions for texts, or any requests concerning the structure and content of the Summer School.

If you’re interested, watch this space: in the coming months I’ll let you know whether we’re likely to have enough participants to make this work, and if so, I’ll start posting further information here.

Cora Beth Knowles


Modified proposal

I’m still planning on running the Summer School, but I’m thinking of modifying the plan slightly, in two significant respects:

  1. I’m thinking of reducing the cost for Year 1, since I can’t guarantee that it will run smoothly in the first year!
  2. I’d like to produce a significant research output. Specifically, I’m thinking about producing an e-book after the course, including all of my teaching materials, and also featuring essays produced by course participants, edited and fully attributed.

In short, the course will be cheaper than I anticipated, and may result (should you agree to it) in the publication of one of your essays, under your own name, in an edited volume which you will receive for free as a participant in the course.