Weekend Reading: I Come to Bury Caesar

This week has been chock-full of work, illness and associated chaos – but one highlight has been the absolute craziness unleashed upon the internet by Classical Studies Memes For Hellenistic Teens on the occasion of the Ides of March earlier this week.

I should point out that it’s not unusual for the little world of Very Online Classicists to celebrate significant dates from the ancient world with memes and general silliness (we even wish each other Happy Exelauno Day on March 4th). But CSMFHT managed to take this to such extremes this week that we’ve all well and truly had enough of Julius Caesar! Below is a small selection – just please don’t blame me for any of it!

This week from around the Classical Internet


Global contest to read scrolls – The Guardian

Museum at Plato’s Academy – Greek Reporter

Lead-lined coffin in Leeds – The New York Times

No law change for Parthenon Marbles – Reuters

Pompeii diggers dream of treasure – The Times

‘Chicken Caesar’, from the brilliant Greek Myth Comix

Comment and opinion

Top Rome blogs – FeedSpot

Being an archaeologist – History Extra

Caesar’s calendar – CSMFHT Writes

Caesar’s last words – Antigone

The madness of March – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Celebrating Caesar’s swimming – Swimming World

Caesar and forgiveness – The Octavian Report

On the Ides – Liv Mariah Yarrow

Podcasts, video and other media

Alexander the Great or not so great? – BBC Forum

Building the Bromance – The Partial Historians

Ides of Metal Playlist – Spotify

New book on myth in children’s literature – Our Mythical Childhood (free to download, and it’s lovely!)

Via Legonium

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