Weekend Reading: Catching Up

It’s been a long couple of weeks, due to illness: first the delights of a sickness bug, then weather headaches. I suppose it’s useful to be able to predict changes in air pressure by how much pain I’m in – but I’d much rather just watch the weather forecast.

It’s also been a long couple of weeks because I’m building up to various things – so sometime in the next week, watch out for a call for volunteers as we start to recruit helpers for the new Hadrian’s Wall branch of the Classical Association! It’s a project close to my heart, because for years I’ve wanted to open up more opportunities for my students and ex-students in the North of England to meet up and share classical interests. Now it looks like it’s finally happening, and I’m excited to see where it goes!

Today I’m writing in haste because I have a lot going on – from going to see my son in a Shakespeare play this evening at the Northern Stage, to running a day school for dissertation students tomorrow. So this is really just a placeholder post to say that interesting things will be happening, just as soon as I have a chance to get to them!

One interesting thing that is happening (although it’s non-classical, I’m afraid) is the art auction Sophie’s Postcard, which is running all week on eBay in aid of a cancer charity. Do check it out! All of the artists are secret – but if you know my style, you might be able to spot the two postcards I donated to the auction!

Another exciting thing is a call for papers, for a conference next year on ‘Classical Presences in North-East England’. If you’ve got an idea, do get in touch with Prof Hall at Durham University, or run it past me first if you prefer!

I’m afraid I need to keep this short due to actually having to leave the house, which is something I haven’t done much over the past few weeks! But I’ll be back next week with a proper post – unless something goes wrong again!

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