Weekend Reading: Excuses, Excuses…

I should start this post with an apology – particularly to the October-intake students to whom I not long ago promised a weekly blogpost. Sorry for deserting you all!

It’s been a tough few weeks. My son and I both caught covid (it’s been going round his school), and while he shrugged it off pretty easily, I was knocked flat, and it’s taking me much longer than I would like to get back on my feet again. I found that I had to drop all the extras that I was doing – including maintaining this website, and managing Asterion, and a bunch of other projects I had in the pipeline – and focus on a new set of essentials, including regular breaks, naps, constant tea consumption and accepting that some days I’ll be mostly useless.

I don’t like it.

I’m slowly getting stronger, though, and will hopefully soon be picking up the threads of all the things I had to drop – including this website. There’s been a lot going on that I’d like to fill you in on – and I miss having an excuse to ramble into the void every Friday!

I should say, though, that while I’ve somehow kept up with my crazy marking and teaching schedule, emails have been a casualty of the situation – so if you’ve contacted me any time over the last month and haven’t received a reply, please do re-send your email, because the original may have fallen into the black hole that is my memory of the last few weeks.

I’ll do a proper post next week, with lots of interesting and/or useful stuff – assuming that I don’t spend the whole week asleep in my desk chair, which was last week’s interesting quirk! I can’t quite manage it this week, not least because I have the Asterion website to pick up again. Do keep an eye on that over the coming week – lots of brilliant blogposts came in while I was ill, and I’m really looking forward to putting them out!

For now, since my brain isn’t working, here’s a selection from my classical cartoon collection, just for fun… Have a good week, everyone!

(and for more, check out the Rogue Classicist Classic Comix album...)

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