Weekend Reading: Sunshine and Shopping

Today the sun has finally come out. And at the exact same time a fresh pile of marking has appeared. It’s always the way.

The best thing about this week is that I’ve seen two groups of students submit their final assessments for their modules. For some, that was the last piece of work for their degree. So I’d like to send all of those people my warmest congratulations – because whatever the outcome, completing a module this year is something to be proud of! I’m really proud of everyone who’s found a way to cope with school closures, working from home, no access to libraries, no face-to-face tuition, and all the awful stresses and strains of this year, and still managed to string a coherent sentence together. There have certainly been days when I’ve struggled with that!

My other students are gearing up to their remote exams, in a week or so. This hasn’t really been done before – not on the modules I teach, anyway – so I’m curious to see how well it works. I have a feeling that the removal of the usual exam pressure is going to help a lot of people tremendously, and I can’t help hoping that we’ll hold on to these arrangements in the future.

Apart from all of that, I’ve been keeping busy this week. I’m helping to organise the OU Classical Studies MA Day, which will be online this year – so if you’re a current student on A863 and A864, save the date! I’m gathering together a wonderful team of former MA students to talk about their experiences – which is lovely because it gives me an excuse to catch up with people I haven’t heard from in a while!

I’ve also been invited to give a talk at the JACT Durham Greek and Latin Summer School this year, which I hope will be able to go ahead as an in-person thing. So if you’re planning on attending that, I might see you in Durham in July!

There are lots of other interesting things in the pipeline – or there will be, if I can make them happen! So I think it’s going to end up being a pretty hectic summer.

For now though, let me just announce that this weekend is one of the rare Redbubble sales, with mugs and notebooks and stickers and all kinds of things reduced! You’re welcome to buy things from my shop, of course (I always appreciate that!), but there are lots of other great Classics-themed shops too, including Greek Myth Comix, Flaroh, Neo-Classicist and Sportula Europe. Remember to use the code FINDYOURTHING at checkout!

(Take a look in particular at Flaroh’s new Iliad and Odyssey covers, and Greek Myth Comix’s Odysseus Paper Doll fridge magnets – they’re on my list to buy!)

This week from around the classical internet

(just a few links this week, since I’ve been pushed for time!)


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2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Sunshine and Shopping

  1. Submitted my last EMA on Thursday (A330 and I did it on Medea and had a great time researching it!) for my OU Clasdics Degree. Thank you for all your posts and the sections on advice/book recommendations for A330 they’ve been really helpful. I celebrated by ordering a Smol Dragon tote bag 😄


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