Weekend Reading: No Weekend Reading

I’m afraid this is more of an apology than an actual post, because I have no time at all to pull something together for you! This is my end-of-term marking chaos, when everything hits all at the same time, and I simply can’t justify taking time away from the marking to write about the Fun Stuff! Hopefully I will be back on track by this time next week (I’m really hoping that, because I would love to be able to get to bed before midnight and have a meal which doesn’t have to be eaten at my desk!) – but for now I’ll simply have to shrug and leave you to it!

I would, however, like to direct you to the results of the recent Antigone Journal competition to write some pseudo-Ovid, in which I was featured this week as a runner-up winner. Does this make me a Published Poet? I suspect it’s the closest I’m ever going to get!

You might also like a drawing I was working on over the weekend, in which I challenged myself to include all the letters of the Greek alphabet. I think I managed it…!

Finally, a reminder that this time next week a new drama series about the life of Livia will be starting. That’s definitely one to watch!

No links this week, I’m afraid – I’ve had no time to collect them: but as always, you can rely on the Rogue Classicist for piles of daily links! I should be back on track next week, hopefully with some Comfort Classics interviews too – and then in June I’m planning a big overhaul of this website, with lots of new resources and interesting things. Watch this space…!

From Derek McCann on Twitter

Oh – you might enjoy this Latin Lego retelling of Star Wars: Spes Nova, by the impressive team of Legonium and Gregory Stringer, made for May the Fourth. Epic in all the best ways!

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