Weekend Reading: Post-Holiday Fun

The first thing I want to announce this week is that I’m holding a book sale!

(Actually I’m not doing anything except providing a webpage – I’m not sure what it would take to separate me from my books, but I don’t recommend trying it! It’s OU graduate Pam who’s having an amazing clear-out of Classics books. But I’m happy to take some credit…!)

So do check out the book list here: and if you want to buy something, drop Pam an email. You might need to be quick though…!

I’ve been swamped with OU work this week and haven’t done much else; but some of the things I was working on during my ‘holiday’ came out this week. So I’m not going to say much today – because frankly I’ve been talking about myself much more lately than I usually do! Here are the links, if you’d like to see any of the things I’ve been up to.

The first was a piece on Ovid for the new Antigone Journal; because I started thinking about Arachne when I was marking assignments a few weeks ago, and haven’t quite been able to get her out of my head! I’m still a bit stuck on her story, to be honest, and I’ll no doubt end up rambling some more at some point; but writing this article helped a bit! Do take a look, and have a browse around the Journal while you’re at it: there are all kinds of interesting pieces there!

Another was an interview with ACCLAIM, which is the network that looks at how myth can be useful to autistic children. Here I talked about my own background as an autistic classicist, and the ways in which I connected with myth.


I’ve also been presenting at the Working-class Classics event, which was really interesting. It had a mainly Scottish focus, but the next event will cover the UK more widely, so I’ll keep you posted in case anyone wants to join in!


Finally… I’ve been nominated for a Positive Role Model Award at the National Diversity Awards! That was lovely news. (If you enjoy the work that I do on autism, accessibility or anything else and would like to vote for me -and put me through several weeks of angst about what I could possibly wear to a black tie event!- you’re welcome to do so: https://nationaldiversityawards.co.uk/nominations-home/.)

It’s been wonderful to do all of these things and to get involved with various organisations and initiatives this week – but I have to admit that I would now very much like a weekend of staring at some entirely un-educational telly. Wish me luck…!

This week from around the Classical Internet


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From Stephen Jenkin

Podcasts, video and other media

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Roman prisoners of war – The Ancients

Constantine becomes emperor – Ithaca Bound

From Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens

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