Weekend Reading: One Brick At A Time

As I stumble to the end of a sixth week of consecutive marking deadlines and brace for a seventh, with Half Term already started and a child to entertain all by myself with nowhere to go in sub-zero temperatures while working full time, I’m forced to admit that I have nothing of value to add to your weekend. My current thought processes are reduced to ‘Sleep Good: Screen Bad’. That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. So I’ll keep this short, and hope that I have more bandwidth next week!

I am currently attempting (mostly around midnight while half asleep, one brick at a time) to pull together a project for International Lego Classicism Day, on 20th Feb. If you haven’t seen my incredibly sophisticated contributions (!) from previous years, here are some links: to my 2020 Lego rendering of the apocryphal story of Princess Claudia of Britain, and to my 2019 imagining of the back-story of Barates and Regina. Watch this space for this year’s project. I have absolutely no idea whether I’ll be able to make it work, or how I’m going to go about it – but I’m sure I’ll come up with something in time…!

If you’d like to join in with a Lego creation on the day, please do! You can post on social media using the hashtags – or if you’re not on social media you’re welcome to send your pictures to me and I’d be happy to post them! I’d say that it’s a good thing to do with the kids – but my own child is distinctly unimpressed with my ideas. Of course, that might be because he’s still holding on to memories of the time I dragged him down to the beach in February, so that I could spend an hour trying to get the perfect shots of Lego pirates in the sand!

Finally this week… if you should happen to be a member of the Women’s Classical Committee (UK), don’t forget to vote in the election! Not that there’s any particular candidate for whom you ought to vote, of course…!

This week from around the Classics Internet


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Podcasts, video and other media

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Public decision-making – Herodotus Helpline

Ethics in AI – University of Oxford

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