Weekend Reading: Back on Track?

Normally when I come back after the Christmas break I like to wish people a Happy New Year. This year that’s not working out too well for me – every time I do it, something else goes horribly wrong. So I’ve given it up, for everybody’s safety.

It was nice to have a break, though. I had many things planned, and did none of them. I switched my computer off for three whole days (then it took most of the next day to switch back on, due to updates). I ate a lot of cheese. I received many lovely presents, including a proper desk chair on which I am now sitting. It spins around. I’m doing a lot of spinning right now, in between typing the words.

It was not exactly an eventful holiday, but it was a much-needed one. I hope you had a good one too.

I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution either. You see, my resolution last year was to get out more. I really think that this year I should just keep my mouth shut.

One thing I am hoping to do this year is to be a bit kinder to myself. I like structure and routine, so I often put quite a lot of pressure on myself to meet deadlines which really aren’t important – including this one. I’ll continue to put out these Weekend Reading posts… but sometimes I might publish them on Saturday if I’m having a particularly rough Friday, and sometimes (like today!) they might be a bit short, because Life gets in the way. So there’s no need to send me panicked emails if you don’t get my usual Friday night update: it just means I’m giving myself a bit more time to get everything done!

I’m also hoping to use this website, over the coming year, to focus on positive things and to build up more useful classical content. I’ll be continuing with the Comfort Classics interviews: admittedly I’m running out of willing classicists, but there are still people out there who haven’t yet discovered how annoying I am! I have a few lovely interviews lined up for next week, and hopefully more to come. But I’d also like to branch out and use this website to develop a few more projects. I’m not quite sure what form they’ll be in yet (I’m open to suggestions), but that’s half the fun! Maybe I’ll take to lecturing people, in tumultuous times, about the continuing relevance of Tacitus.

Or maybe not.

I also need to catch up with my messages. Sometimes the messages sent via the website contact form get swamped by other things and I miss them – so if you’ve sent me a message via that route lately, I do apologise if I’ve missed you, and I promise to get back to you soon!

It’s been a good break – but I’m glad to be back!

The final sunset of 2020, as seen from my loft window

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One thought on “Weekend Reading: Back on Track?

  1. Great to have the best online weekend Classics fix back – whether on Friday, Saturday or, even, Sunday. A proper perky shot in the arm! 💉💪👍😄

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