Weekend Reading: Television Time

This week has been another hectic one, with two piles of marking, online teaching, forum moderation, a book review to finish, Zoom lectures and meetings to attend, schedules to set for next year and various other work-related things, all done while juggling solo home-schooling of a very bored 8-year-old – so if you don’t mind, I’ll keep this short!

But – and this will shock you – I’ve also had the telly on. (For Educational Purposes, obviously. You don’t think I have time for frivolity, do you?!)

It’s been quite a time for documentaries recently. Here’s a list of a few of the documentaries that have been on over the last couple of weeks (not all of them new), in case you missed them – most of them you can watch again online.


Art of Persia

Walking Britain’s Roman Roads

A Greek Odyssey

Genius of the Ancient World: Socrates

Ancient Invisible Cities

Tutankhamun in Colour



The Persia documentary series, in particular, is fascinating and well worth a watch, if you haven’t already seen it. I’m going to have to watch it again, since the phone kept ringing the first time round. Maybe if I try watching it before 6am, I might manage it…!

I’ve been managing to keep up with my Comfort Classics series, though, despite the chaos. This week I got to feature two lovely former undergraduate students, Ian (about the Metamorphoses) and Frances (about her archaeological work in Pompeii), who’ve both gone on to postgraduate research. I also talked to Abi Buglass from Oxford about Lucretius, and Matt Myers from Nottingham about Tacitus (hooray – you know how I feel about Tacitus!). Finally, today I talked about Aristophanes with Ben Tanner, a classicist who – as it turns out – was born in my town and went to school across the road from me. That’s what I love about Classics – it’s such a small world!

Finally, apologies to all those who’ve contacted me this week to tell me that I broke them with last week’s post about book sales. I’m sorry. Honestly. Not laughing at all…







This week’s links from around the Classical Internet




Selling Colchester Roman wall – BBC 

York Minster ‘looking at’ Emperor statue – The Telegraph 

Roman riches at Scotch Corner – Current Archaeology 

Ancient artefacts and X-rays – i-news 



From Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens




Comment and opinion

Walking Britain’s Roman roads – Forbes 

Leonidas the soldier – Sparta Reconsidered 

Reading the Iliad as a victim of sexual assault – Eidolon

Classics books for children – Society for Classical Studies

A net for Astarte – Blogging ancient epigram

The story behind the Calf Bearer – Greek Reporter 

Ebooks for All – The Edithorial 

Gideon Nisbet on ‘Popular Culture’ – Oxford Classical Dictionary







Podcasts, video and other media

The rise and fall of Orpheus – The Classics Library 

Cleopatra [for kids] – Homeschool History 

Publishing a monograph – Women’s Classical Committee 

Staging the Archive Podcast – APGRD

The cult of Mithras – London Mithraeum 





2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Television Time

  1. Turn that Telly off! Do more work!.. you’re not doing enough work!
    Last week I watched BBC’s Ancient Greece: The Greatest show on Earth, Democrats, Kings and Romans.. absolutely loved it.
    That Michael Scott is pretty good at this classics stuff aswell.. 🙂


  2. Cora, I am one of your readers and would like to say very well done to you for making Classics such a great fun


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