Weekend Reading: The January Blues

It’s been a bad week. Not for me, particularly – but all week I’ve been hearing from people who are miserable. For some it’s just the general gloom that January seems to bring with it – but others are dealing with chronic pain, bereavement and other awful things.

So I’ve spent the week doling out extensions and extending sympathy. And now I think it’s time for another round-up of the finest classical silliness the internet has to offer, for everybody who’s having a rotten January. Enjoy!

(Next week I’ll be heading to the British Museum for the Troy exhibition, so expect LOTS of pictures!)

































(And if you want more, here’s a compilation I made earlier…)




This week’s classical links



A world-class Roman attraction in York – Northern Echo

The secret fort – Chronicle 

Antigone review – The Guardian 

Sappho and Christie’s – Faces and Voices 




Comment and opinion

In the shadow of Vesuvius – Spectator USA

The advantages of learning dead languages – Reader’s Digest

When women translate the Classics – The Week 

Hesiod on Eros – The Historian’s Hut 

Teaching Classics in schools – CUCD Bulletin

Reflections on Classics in America – Ad Meliora

The history of Mount Olympus – Classical Wisdom Weekly 

Latin phrases to make you sound smarter – Reader’s Digest 

Insights from philosophers – Thrive Global

On guilty pleasures – Eidolon 



Coming up…

2020 Undergraduate Awards now open (until June) – The Global Undergraduate Awards 

The 2020 International Lego Classicism Day is coming up in February (yes, I’ll be doing something – but I don’t know what yet!) …






16 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: The January Blues

  1. Well, not to rub any salt in the wound but to say it’s January I’m pretty chipper! Throwing myself headlong into research usually helps take my mind off the woes of the world! Although I am on my 5th email of the day to yet another library in desperate hope of tracking down a bloody book.


  2. January ay.. I haven’t seen the sun in 5 days.. vitamin D tablets ususally does the trick. Block 3 TMA coming up.. not depressed, just feeling the pangs of panic is all..


  3. What did depress me was meeting some friends of friends last weekend two of whom just finished their phd’s.. they told me that I was wasting my time because no university would employ me even if I had a phd, because my MA is from the OU.. I don’t believe them for a second, but the confidence in which they said threw me a bit…


    1. Ha! I bet others will chip in on this… but a lot of studies have shown that employers are very impressed by the initiative and dedication of OU students. In my experience, that’s really true – and I’ve helped lot of people to find jobs!


  4. Hope you have a great time at the Troy exhibition. I enjoyed it very much. Did you see my comments about it that I sent to you last week – particularly the placement of the exhibit labels?


      1. Yes, some of them are at ankle height, so if anyone steps in front of the LED lighting shining from the ceiling onto the exhibits, the labels are cast into shadow. I’m not sure what your current e-mail address is, so if you would like to send it to me, I’ll re-send you my rambling thoughts on the exhibition.


  5. Thanks Cora Beth.. and thats what I thought anyway.. just the arrogance and confidence of telling me I was wasting my time.. that’s so weird right? I’ll keep steaming ahead and enjoying the course..

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  6. @Pamherbert… the mithreaum exhibition was a bit like that.. sounds and structure made the exhibition but the lighting was odd.. i’d rec4the mithreaum exhibition in London.. its free

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Costas – I keep meaning to go to see the mithraeum, but on the odd occasion I’m in London, I don’t seem to get time. I think a longer break would be in order!


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