Weekend Reading: London, baby!

I’m afraid that this week I really don’t know what’s going on in the wonderful world of Classics, because I’ve barely had a chance to switch on my computer.

On Wednesday I had a long meeting in Milton Keynes. Now, spending the day in MK is not a trivial undertaking for me: it involves many modes of transport, long hours of travel and usually at least one overnight stay. And because staying in MK is not always thrilling (or even useful, since the wifi near campus is awful and the phone reception almost non-existent), I decided this time to shift my overnight stays to nearby London.

There’s a lot more scope for adventure in London.



I didn’t have much spare time, but I made the most of it. I spend a lovely afternoon trying on Roman jewellery and talking antiquities in Mayfair, wore my Crowley glasses in Berkeley Square, got appallingly lost (and drenched) in a thunderstorm somewhere around Fitzrovia, drank far too much Aperol (turns out it’s rather nice) in Bloomsbury, and had coffee in the exclusive setting of the British Museum Members’ Room, thanks to a fabulous OU MA student who talked the staff into letting me in. I came away with lots of photos of sculpture for A111 tutorials, plenty of stuff to write about for this website (expect a few posts over the next couple of days), and all kinds of crazy ideas for future events.

I also came away with a pile of MA dissertations: 23 in total, at around 12,000 words each, which I have 10 days to mark. And that’s on top of six modules starting tomorrow.  Also I keep falling asleep sitting up, which really isn’t helping with the other problems. So my crazy ideas may have to wait: and I may be even slower to answer emails than usual for a couple of weeks. But bear with me… soon I’ll be back to what passes for ‘normal’ in my strange corner of the world.


I’m suffering from Loeb-envy after seeing this wall


The OU’s Walton Hall looking lovely in the sunshine


Me at the British Museum, pretending I know stuff about pots





This week’s links from around the Classical Internet




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Comment and opinion

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Invented scripts in computer games – The CREWS Project

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Podcasts, video and other media

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Belief, ritual and society – The Iris 



Other stuff

Living Latin at UCL – The Classics Library 

Which character from the Odyssey are you? [apparently I’m Penelope – not sure how I feel about that…] – Southbank Centre 

6 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: London, baby!

  1. A true classicist shows sophrosune, the fruit of a classical education and resists purchasing ephemeral copies. You’ve passed the test!

    With my recent binge loebing, not so sure I’m there yet!


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