Weekend Reading: The Barateid

On Wednesday it’s time for the joyful annual celebration of worldwide classical silliness that is International Lego Classicism Day, across social media.


lego day


So I’m hard at work producing a Lego-South Shields epic of my own, which I’m inclined to entitle ‘The Barateid’.

Our hero is Barates, an intrepid travelling salesman from Palmyra, crossing the seas in search of new people to sell stuff to. Along the way, he encounters storms, pirates and angry gods – and finally he rescues a beautiful British queen (sorry: ‘Queenie’) from the clutches of the villainous Romans at Arbeia Fort. Queenie is not entirely pleased to be rescued, and… well, you’ll have to tune in later in the week to find out the rest!

Here are a few stills from the movie, as a preview…





(Credit goes to my son, for following me round while I took photos of Lego, so that it looked less weird!)

[Updated… Here’s the link to the full mini-epic. Enjoy! https://classicalstudies.support/guest-pages/an-arbeia-epic/]

Hope to see some of you on Thursday, when I’ll be presenting a paper on Classics blogging at the Authority in Classics conference in Newcastle (the County Hotel, Neville Street). There’s all kinds of potential for comedy here, since it’s the first paper I’ve given in years – so do come along for a laugh!



This week’s classical stuff from the internet



The quest for Romulus – The Telegraph 

Overhauling Classics at Oxford – The Telegraph 

Discovering a naval battle – Live Science 

Carlisle bath-house – News and Star 

Narcissus in Pompeii – Phys.org  and The Guardian 

Vindolanda newsletter – Vindolanda 




Comment and opinion

The British School at Rome – A Don’s Life 

Fake news and Athenian democracy – Ekathimerini 

Canadian women – The Edithorial 

Myth and rape – The New York Times 

The origins of money – CREWS Project 

Roman graffiti – Hyperallergic 

On the Caelian Hill – Understanding Rome

Postgraduates and free food – Eidolon

Lesbia and Sappho – Classical Inquiries 

Toilet literature – The Petrified Muse 

Unrequited love and jumping off a rock – Ancient Blogger 

Diversity in the Latin classroom – In Medias Res 

Roman ghosts – Eagles and Dragons

The eccentric Empedocles – Classical Wisdom Weekly 

Barbarians at the gate – The Conversation 


Roman map


Podcasts, video and other media

Rome subway discoveries – PBS 

The Zoroastrian kings – Head On History

Romans, Gauls and a lovers’ quarrel – The French History Podcast 

Furious Romans – The Partial Historians 

Caesar and Cleopatra – Antiquitas 

Augustus – Dan Snow’s History Hit 

SCS ‘The Future of Classics’ panel – Society for Classical Studies 

…and a covering letter – Society for Classical Studies 

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