Weekend Reading: School Reports

This week it was my son’s parent’s evening: always a nervous time for the parent of a trainee tyrant. It started me thinking: what would the school reports of the ancient world say …?


Augustus: Wrote a lovely story recently, called ‘Things Wot I Have Done’.

Hadrian: Happiest in the construction area.

Tarpeia: Shouldn’t be wearing bracelets to school.

Herodotus: Loves storytime.

Romulus: Must learn to share.

Numa: Is getting a bit old for an imaginary friend.

Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius Cornelianus Scipio Nasica: Still learning to write his name.

Strabo: Has produced excellent work in Geography this year.

Odysseus: Has many talents, but has been finding Geography quite a struggle.

Aeneas: A bit of a worrier.

Achilles: Sometimes refuses to come out of the classroom at play time.

Nero: His creativity is not always appreciated by his classmates.

Tacitus: Has some issues with authority.

Dido: Suffering from separation anxiety.

Livy: Very moral; sometimes tells on other children.

Lavinia: Quiet in class; blushes a lot.

Horace: Spends more time worshipping the water fountain than actually working.

Ovid: Makes the occasional mistake.

Catullus: Can be confrontational – and we need to discuss his language.

Caligula: Might be happier in a more structured environment.


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5 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: School Reports

  1. Love it! (speaking as a former schoolteacher). Pliny the Elder – encouraging evidence of wide-ranging independent reading. Please keep the school’s Positive Living policy in mind when making up Vitellius’ packed lunches. Cleopatra may wear one plain gold stud in each ear – but must NOT come to morning assembly caked in makeup! Cicero needs to learn to write much more concisely.


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