Weekend Reading: Taking a Break


Well, it’s that time of year. The schools are breaking up, family are coming to visit, classicists are confusing everyone by shouting ‘Io!’, and there’s actually a gap in the otherwise constant stream of essay-marking. So I’ll be giving up the internet for a couple of weeks (mostly, anyway!), and will be back in January.

My goals for the holiday are:

  • To eat more cake than I ought to, and rediscover wine
  • To read some Horace (Horace helps me justify the wine and cake)
  • To spend more time with family than with my email inbox
  • To produce four tutorial recordings, three conference papers, two progress reports, and a partridge in a pear tree
  • To fail to achieve at least one of my goals, and not feel guilty about it.

I hope you all have a lovely break, an opportunity to catch up on your reading (or your not-reading, depending on your inclinations), and plenty of time to forget about deadlines!


Wishing you Merry Christmas, Io Saturnalia, and all the rest.


(And here’s a little Christmas video I made, for all those who’ve been asking about my book collections lately!)


Cora Beth.



This week’s links from the murky classical corners of the internet



Roman engineering underwater – The Guardian 

Buses, bans and protests in Rome – The Local

Pompeii and Egypt – The Times 

Egypt tomb discovery – BBC

…and what we can learn from it – Forbes 

No sale for mosaic replica – BBC 

Evacuation plan in case Vesuvius erupts – The Guardian

Check out the Romans at Bank station – MOLA 




Comment and opinion

Twitter as the colosseum – Fortune

Defending a classical education – TES News 

The permanence of online lectures – A Don’s Life 

The infuriatingly quotable Tacitus – The History Girls 

Roman pulleys and cranes – History From Below 

The history of migration in  England – Heritage Calling 

From academia to school teaching – Eidolon 

Archaeology and aliens – Society for Classical Studies 

Icarus and Gucci – Gucci 

Making Ovid’s cosmetics – In Medias Res 

Managing Eidolon – Eidolon 

Language in historical fiction – The History Girls

Ancient suffragettes – UK Vote 100 

Ariadne in poetry – The Bookbinder’s Daughter 

Bloodiest Romans – History Extra

A network of former Classics students – In Medias Res 

Evidence for Christmas and Yule – Kiwi Hellenist 

Interesting Greek projects – Sententiae Antiquae

The last Roman poet – The Weekly Standard

Io Saturnalia! – Eagles and Dragons




Podcasts, video and other media

The Persian Wars – AIQ Podcast

Siege and confrontation – The Hellenistic Age Podcast 

The Life of Spartacus – TED-Ed 

…and the story behind the animation – The Partial Historians 

A Saturnalia podcast – Emperors of Rome 

The first Saturnalia – History Pod 

Saturnalia Punk – Andrew Reinhard 

Santa’s reindeer names – The Endless Knot 

The fun of Saturnalia – Ancient History Fangirl 


Roman cat


Other stuff

24 hours of heroes – edX 

‘Buy’ the fabulous Legonium Roman festival calendar, for free (just leave the credit card details blank) – Legonium



5 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Taking a Break

  1. I’d aim to guiltlessly fail goal 4, if I were you – stick to Horace, family and cake! 😉 Merry Christmas. And thank you for another year’s brilliant online input.


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