Weekend Reading: Classicists in the Library

The Open University library, during a momentary lull in the rain.


This week I’ve been in Milton Keynes for the Classical Studies Associate Lecturer Day. A bunch of intrepid Classics tutors braved the grim Novembry weather on Thursday, coming from all over the UK to congregate in the Open University Library, where there was a twinkly Christmas tree and much cake waiting for us. The Module Teams, including Jess Hughes, Phil Perkins, Naoko Yamagata, E-J Graham, Trevor Fear and Ursula Rothe, talked about modules past, present and future, and a good time was had by all.


A Library Christmas tree.


Browsing module books in the Library.


It was also a pleasure to see the launch of the website, on Wednesday, for The Baron Thyssen Centre for the Study of Ancient Material Religion, which promises to be a fascinating project to follow. The Centre is based at the OU’s Department of Classical Studies, and is funded by Baron Lorne Thyssen-Bornemisza, a long-standing supporter of Classics (and a great chap to sit next to at a dinner party!). The Centre’s activities have already started with a bang; the website is advertising a fully-funded PhD studentship (if you’ve just finished the MA, do take a look), talks and a workshop, as well as inviting contributions to a themed journal issue on Pompeii. You can follow the Centre’s activities on Twitter @OpenMatRel and Instagram @OpenMaterialReligion.


material religion


And finally – I’d like to congratulate Stella Hurtado on her Kassman Essay Prize win, for her essay “Myth – Representing the Past”. Very well deserved, Stella!


congratulations candles




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Comment and opinion

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Videos, podcasts and other media

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Cambridge Latin Course quiz – The Tab 

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