Weekend Reading: Dissertation Thoughts

This week I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to read the dissertations written by some of our wonderful OU MA students. Admittedly, the stack of 12,000-word manuscripts to mark is a bit daunting at this point (hence the brevity of this post)! But it’s been a real pleasure to follow people as they’ve moved from a tentative idea to a substantial piece of research, and some of the work I’ve seen so far is outstanding. So I’d like to congratulate everyone who’s made it to the end of the MA: whatever the outcome of the marking process, you should be tremendously proud of the work you’ve put in!

congratulations candles

I know that there are people starting out on the MA (first or second year) this week who have worries about the dissertation. To all of you my advice is simple: trust the process! I’ve seen people start the final MA module with no clue what to do; but by the end of the year they’re tackling a project with commitment and confidence. You’ll get there too! And once you do, you’ll look back on what you’ve achieved and you’ll start to wonder what else you could do…

One of the things I’ll be adding to the website this year is a series of articles on Life After BA or MA, with stories and advice from Classics graduates (if you’d like to contribute an article, do get in touch with me). There’ll also be some articles on applying for and starting a PhD, just in case you have ambitions in that direction someday. It’s not an altogether crazy thought, you know…!



This week’s links from the Classical Interweb



A public dig in Wales – Daily Post 

New Troy museum – Daily Sabah 

Libya’s heritage at risk – Yahoo News 

Roman villa in Cambridge – Current Archaeology 

Award for translating Asterix – The Jakarta Post 

Archaeologists in Samothrace – Archaeology 

Programme announced for ‘Being Human’ – Being Human Festival 

Bringing back a replica mosaic – BBC 

A chariot in Yorkshire – The Yorkshire Post 

Further contribution to the Elgin Marbles debate – The Guardian 

Roman grave in Cumbria – BBC 

Funding for the Walls – BBC 

Debunking ancient history news stories – Jason Colavito 

Mary Beard joins The Grand Tour? – Radio Times 

New Roman movie? – Tornos News 


From: https://twitter.com/simongerman600/status/1047570756878651392


Comment and opinion

Outstanding women – Eagles and Dragons

Classical allusions and civil war – Eidolon 

Do we need less Rome? – National Review 

On animating antiquity – Society for Classical Studies 

Contrasting Athens and Sparta – Greek Reporter 

Visiting Perugia’s well – Ancient World Magazine 

A tour of Empurias – Le Temps Revient 

On starting university – The Retiring Academic 

Staging the ordinary people of the IliadThe Guardian 

Retelling Homer – Bustle

On diversifying Classics – Society for Classical Studies 

What Aristotle would think of Brexit – The Edithorial 

…and more on Brexit – The Sphinx

Reviewing Assassin’s Creed OdysseyThe Telegraph 

Appreciating Syme – The Wrong Monkey 

Visiting plaster sculptures in Cork – A Don’s Life 

Women in medicine  – Mistaking Histories 

Looking at epigraphy in Greece – CREWS Project 

Verb aspect and narrative – Koine Greek 

Dealing with female fighters – The Conversation 

Baiae: the Las Vegas of Rome – The Daily Beast 

Classifying Greek birds – Tufts Daily

On skin colour, mulberries and silver – The Petrified Muse 

Sexual harassment and Roman law – The Conversation 

Mean Girls and Classics – Eidolon


Podcasts, videos and other media

Villa of the Mysteries – When in Rome

Assassin’s Creed and Herodotus – Quality Control 

Videos from #Askprofmcscott – Warwick Classics Network 

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