The Classical Christmas Gift Guide 2021

And here we are again, at that time of the year when I invite Classics and History enthusiasts to casually leave this page open on their computer for their family, friends or significant other to find.

Here’s my round-up of top Classical Christmas gifts this year. As with last year’s gift guide, my focus this year is on small businesses, artists and crafters. If you buy something from these sellers you’ll be helping out someone who needs a bit of extra income, or someone who is trying to finance a project or grow a business.

I’ll highlight one particular item from each store or seller: but sometimes they’re chosen almost at random because the shops sell so much great stuff! So do have a mooch around their other products too. As usual, my list has a mainly UK focus, but many of the sellers also post internationally, and a few are US based.

I asked on Twitter for recommendations, and received a LOT – so this turned out to be a very long list, and I still couldn’t include everything! However, do let me know if I’ve missed any shops or sellers which you think should be included – and you can find the full Twitter list here.

Finally, for those who’ve asked… yes, I have my own shop too, and will be doing some new stuff for Christmas (I hope!) – but I’ll save my self-promotion for another occasion. This Gift Guide is a celebration of all the amazingly talented creators out there who are producing things I want to buy – and it’s taken me a lot longer than I expected to pull the list together, because I’ve ended up doing my own Christmas shopping at the same time!

Great Gifts From Amazing Sellers

Here are my top (in no particular order!) classical gifts from individual crafters and sellers. Many have limited availability – so don’t wait too long!

  • Silver Coin Necklaces: from Meg’s Ko-fi Shop. These are my personal favourites (at £15 each) from Meg’s classical jewellery shop: but there are lots of other shiny pretty things, including bracelets and ear-rings with semi-precious stones. I don’t mind telling you about them, because I’ve already placed my order…!
  • Ionic Column Candle (£5.99 plus postage) from The Classical Compendium on Etsy. I love these hand-poured candles (which come in different colours or as scented candles). The shop also stocks Roman busts and statues in candle form – and keep an eye out for some jewellery coming soon!
octopus brooch pendant
  • The Panoply Project store has some wonderful items inspired by their animations, including wrapping paper, greetings cards and calendars, and this gorgeous postcard for £1.20…
Crochet Kit for Greek Amphorae / Crochet DIY Kit Craft Kit / image 1
Anubis image 1
Rat earrings image 1
  • Athanatos, an album by the brilliantly talented Bettina Joy de Guzman and friends. £7.99 on MP3 – but if you spend a little more and buy the CD directly from Bettina, you can send her a message and she’ll send you a thank-you card wax sealed with her signet ring!
First Image
  • Cuneiformations, a new Etsy shop from Digital Hammurabi, has an amazing Mesopotamia-inspired range of gifts. I love this Christmas ornament, inscribed with the cuneiform “dingir” sign which means “god” in ancient Sumerian (no, I didn’t actually know that before…!). £9.36, plus postage from the US.
  • Kid Beowulf graphic novel from Alexis E Fajardo: recently released, and the latest in a series for kids aged 8-12. £15.55 in paperback.
Julio-Claudians Mug image 4
  • Parvulus Latin children’s book – a cute (and scatological!) little Latin story from Ana Martin.

Redbubble Stores

For those who don’t know, Redbubble is a company which makes merchandise and ships it all over the world, using designs from independent artists. When you buy from a Redbubble store, the artist gets a small percentage of the money that you spend. So it’s a great way to support your favourite Classics artists, and get something special at the same time! Here’s a round-up of some of the loveliest ancient-world Redbubble stores for you to browse.

  • Flaroh: for the boldest and brightest Classical art (I spend far too much money in this store!). My current favourite is the Homeric Epics range, but you’ll also find new Saturnalia products too.
  • Lots of new designs from everybody’s favourite Latin-teaching mouse in the Minimus store – as well as my personal favourite, the Reverse Monsters on stickers and magnets.
  • Lovely architectural illustrations from Abi Mason, including this Arch of Constantine notebook (£9.85)…
  • And I know I’ve already recommended the Greek Myth Comix Saturnalia shop, but an honourable mention has to go to the Greek Myth Comix Iliad Chickens, which I already have on a Tshirt and will be buying in other forms for as many people as I can…!

Lists from elsewhere

In case none of these suggestions suit your requirements, here are some recommendations from elsewhere on the internet! If you know of a good gift guide, let me know in the comments and I’ll link to it here. Sadly this is the first year without the Eidolon Gift Guide, which has left a big hole in my own festive schedule!

Christmas Classics from Working Classicists

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